“I had right breast cancer, my dr.sister recommended Dr.Shefali, saying ”she’s the Best & you’re in safe hands.”
Undoubtedly, she entered my life like an angel,
She took prompt action to determine the correct investigations with full involvement & each & every aspect considered… Not a single day wasted, & minute details were taken care of. She took the initiative & made sure I knew abt. the entire surgical procedure & the best part -she conserved my breast.
Pre & post surgery care is certainly unmatched.
No words to express my gratitude.
Thank you Doc.for your compassionate approach.”

– Nishi Rai

“Dr Shaifali aggarwal saved my patient life. She has been the best at explaining all my options and providing me with the upmost amazing care. She always takes the time to hear all my needs and listens to me with passionate ears. Her dedication to meeting the needs of not just me but all his patients is well above five stars more like the galaxy. Thank you all for ALL you have done. I have been in Remission for the last six months now and I owe it to the caring hands of Dr.Shaifali aggarwal and her amazing team.”

– Abhay Jain

“Dr. Shefali is a very renowned and experienced doctor for surgical oncology in Delhi, infact she is the best.  My mother in law was diagnosed with 2nd stage breast cancer and then we consulted Dr. Shefali.  She was very helpful in educating us about the disease, its cure and the effective way to get it treated. She has been very helpful at every stage and has sorted all our doubts as and when asked.  With Gods grace and doctors treatment the surgery was carried out successfully without undergoing mastectomy and the tumor was removed.  The patient was in hospital for around 24 hours only for the surgery and returned home walking comfortably.  Post surgical followups by doctor and answer to any query even after the surgery is the best thing about her.  She is continously assisting us with the further treatment be it Chemo or Radiation therapy.  You can reach her directly at her mobile no given.”

– Muhammad Abbas

“I recently had a surgical procedure for excision of a cyst and subsequent biopsy on the breast by Dr Shefali Agarwal..She was excellent in every way..very engaged with the case ,with me as a patient ..was completely in control of every information and every procedure..she instilled great confidence in me and I had absolutely no doubts about her skill ..th entire process went off seamlessly , without a single problem..her follow up was fantastic as well..highly recommended..thank you Dr Shefali !”

– Rachna Sial

“I (Gitanjali Puri), had a lump on my right breast which i was regularly being showing to various doctors for couple of years which was not properly being diagnosed, i was referred to Dr Shefali by my sister in law who reviewed my case. with empathy she gave time and diligently, and with compassion she explained the matter to me, and counselled me correctly. later she operated upon me and till now i am at great ease and off the pain grid. i am on regular follow up and it feels good to be in safe hands.”

– Rajeev Puri

“I recently had a surgical procedure diagnosed and treated by Dr. Aggarwal. My experience was excellent in every way. She was fully invested at every step of the process and was personally present at each procedure she recommended, whenever possible, and kept a close track of the results. She took the initiative each time to determine the correct investigations to be undertaken and did her best to expedite procedures to avoid any possible delay. She personally ensured that all my records were in place so that there was no possibility of a gap in the medical history of my case. I have complete confidence in her competence as an excellent and compassionate professional in her field.”

– Lekha Nair

“I recently had a surgical procedure for excision of a cyst and my experience with Dr. Shefali was great. I want to express my sincere appreciation for the promptness and professional care that was given to me. She made sure I knew about the entire surgical procedure and was extremely thorough in giving me information on it. The concern she has for her patient before and after the surgery is excellent. Thank you Dr. Shefali! You couldn’t be more professional and caring.”

– Abhijiti Singh

“My experience with Dr Shefali has been amazing .Right from the beginning of my first appointment to the end of my treatment, she has been patient, professional and compassionate. She is very prompt and confident in her work.

She has always been available for every concern of mine.
A true doctor by profession and a perfect human being at heart.
Thank you for all your help Dr Shefali.”

– N M

“One of the best surgical oncologist regarding breast cancer surgery. I find her nature of building relationships with the patient after treatment very good.”

– Rabindranath Nath

“Dr. Shefali Agarwal has done a surgery of removal of breast fibroadenoma. Her guidance and straightforward approach during the whole procedure was remarkable. Surgery went smoothly and I am quite satisfied with the result. She is extremely professional in her field. Takes care of all the minute details regarding test results and regularly follow up with the patient. Dr. Shefali is one of the most competent doctors I have met with. I would thank her for all the efforts she took.”

– Nidhi Jain

“Dr. Shefali Aggrawal is one of the most competent and dedicated doctors and at the same time very supportive. She gives personal attention to her patients providing complete satisfaction.”

– Anjbeen Jamal

“Had lumpectomy for a begnin bread cyst. Doctor agarwal was extremely thorough cautious and caring . Also highly professional.”

– Sonia Bhandari

– Teddy Thomas

– Ishita Sharma